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fooflexible said: Honestly there is no reason to get worked up over this I don't want to be taken as a Nintendo fanboy psp hater, which is what I may sound like only becuase I'm getting insulted by people not taking me seriously. Bottom line is, I like my psp alot, I just don't love it. The games I've enjoyed the most is Tales of Eternia(European version) i've played it for 25 hours, after that Tekken i've played that about 12 hours, everything else I've probably played for no more then 5 hours,(thrillville is getting close though), I just find I have a hard time getting into them beyond that. That bothers me as I really thought the psp was going to force my DS to collect dust, and yet it hasn't. For example I bought Gurumin and Hotel Dusk, after 2 hours of Gurumin I started to get bored of the action gameplay and really kiddy story, while Hotel Dusk really intrigued me, I've now played it ten hours and still love it.(and hotel dusk was 10 bucks cheaper) Now I'm back to playing Thrillville on the PSP which is a great game on there(another game I doubt is very different on a home console though, yet I can't say for sure since I haven't tried it yet.) All my arguements are really me trying to get to the root of why I continue to lose interest in my psp games, so you can tell me I'm wrong on every count and completely discredit every argument I make, but I truly have no reason to be biased and have given the psp a fair chance and will continue to do so, but I still feel the psp isn't loveable(to me personally). if this doesn't apply to you then so be it, but there is a reason the DS is outselling the psp, so it may be the most people happen to agree with me.
I apologize if my response seems like an accusation. It is not personally against you what I am just saying is that even the games of the same name seem to play a lot different than thier PS2 counterparts. Most because of memory constraints (it turns dynasty warriors into a whole new experience that I do not like) or they acctually change and add things. Minor things like camera and control issues (powerstone) seem to be the norm at the beginning but almost every game I touch actually changes the gameplay by a little or by a lot. But I must say you do have a bit of a point because if Loco Roco came out on the PS3 it might play alot better. But then again just like trauma center the odds are pretty high that we can see Wii versions of DS games. What to comes down to is what you find fun. And taste is subjective. But it sounds like I need to go out and get hotel dusk.

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yes Kwaad I've mentioned Loco Roco and it is a great game. You may get tired of it after a while, but either way it is brilliant, and cool, and fresh. staticneuron: I love hotel dusk but I also love adventure games(I come from the old pc generation of space/king/police quest games, along with Lucasarts games so I love even the bad adventure games.) But Hotel Dusk is by no means bad, it is a bit like an interactive novel, so if you don't mind that you may find you love the game. BTw you have a point many of these games I'm sure have some gameplay elements that have been changed enough to give a different experience.(and the Wii will probably now inherent most of the big DS franchises as it did with Trauma Center and Cooking Mama(this one isn't that big though), to be honest I don't think I'm so bothered by they heavy volume of established franshices that have shown up, simply the choices of them, I love Burnout and Virtua Tennis, and Lego Star wars but I'm not a big Syphon Filter, Metal Gear, GTA fan. I'm a little bummed we have yet to get a Final Fantasy, or a Gran Turismo game for the PSP two big reasons I bought the psp in the first place. In the end I'm sure I'll love my psp as time goes on. Dimedes1976: you have a nice list there yet you named games that aren't out yet, titles that haven't and won't release in America so the list is a little jaded, yet when some of the those games do release I may be singing a different tune.

interesting list here, all the games in the last 30 days that have been rated: 1. Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar PC Stardock 9 8.3 92.6% 2. Final Fantasy VI Advance GBA Nintendo 17 8.8 90.2% 3. Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Sega 23 8.0 88.3% 4. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters PSP SCEA 22 8.4 88.0% 5. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 PS2 Konami 18 6.5 87.6% 6. NBA Street Homecourt X360 EA Sports Big 11 7.1 87.4% 7. Supreme Commander PC THQ 20 8.2 86.9% 8. Rogue Galaxy PS2 SCEA 41 8.0 84.8% 9. Crackdown X360 Microsoft Game Studios 46 8.2 84.4% 10. Lunar Knights DS Konami 17 8.1 82.3% 11. The Warriors PSP Rockstar Games 14 6.0 81.7% 12. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 PSP Konami 15 4.6 81.6% 13. Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure PSP Mastiff 11 6.8 80.0% 14. Metal Slug Anthology PSP SNK Playmore 10 8.9 80.0% no wii titles, 1 exclusive 360 and 1 non-exclusive 360 title, 2 PC games, only 1 DS game which matches a GBA game, 2 ps2, 1 ps3 exclusive for a few months at least, and the rest psp (5!). the ps3 also got flOw. anyway, that's a nice month for psp games.