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thetonestarr said:
Uh, guys? Am I the only one seeing this "7.5GB free hard drive space" requirement? None of the other ones shock me... but 7.5GB space required? Holy hell, that's a lot.

I mean, yeah, I've got more than enough. But I've never seen a game require half that much.


I really don't see how that is shocking at all. The first STALKER for instance was 5.5 and that one came out a little while ago. My UT2004 is currently 14.5 gigs, even thuogh i reformatted about a month ago.

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Cougarman said:
cool, my pc just made it, i have P4 3.2GHZ with 2GB ram and nvidia 7600gt 256mb

That's pretty much the same PC as one of my friends, and he plays TF2 on good settings with a good framerate, you'll be fine.

As for 7.5 gigs of HD's not really that abnormal...modern games are taking up more than 6 gigs regularly. 

Doesn't seem like a big deal to me though, because HDs get cheaper every day.  If you're really running low on HD space, it's only ~$80 to get 500 GB, which should last you a long time....

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