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SCEE's David Reeves told that there is really no price cut:

"Well, they're not really [cutting prices] are they, because what the US are offering from the 1st of August is a USD 599 version with one game. All they're doing is taking their stock in trade that they've got at the moment of the 60GB model, marking the price down and it will all be gone by the end of July."

He fesses up to a lot of the other stuff many of us have been thinking in this interview.

Basically, the 80GB is cheaper to make (because it doesn't have the PS2's EE chip in it and 80GB is the same price as 60GB). So they're liquidating their 60GB stock and  getting a little good publicity out of it.

He even explains the whole reasoning. They cut the EE, thus reducing backwards compatibility. In order to not sound like it's a cheaper machine, they increase the HDD to 80GB, which is almost exactly the same cost to them as a 60GB, and liquidate existing 60GB stocks to sell the cheaper 80GB at the same 600$ price point as before.

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Yeah and everyone told me I was wrong to say there wouldn't be a price cut, all they're doing is dumping stock of their PS3s right now. Sigh....

Well this make 6 threads with the same exact story because dorks can't be bothered to read, think we can hit 10 before the end of the day?

(and don't really have a problem with the first three since those were made within minutes of each other)

Yeah tell me about it, this is almost as bad as the damn Sony E3 Conference threads and all their derivatives.

Or WiiBoard threads...

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Ah, sorry, I don't read the other boards, just the sales board.

Good thing I don't make topics, cause I read the front page ^_^.

Okay....So once retail outlets get rid of their $499 60gb PS3 models, they then goto 80gb models + a game for $599, and no $499 model at all?

Way to go Sony. 20gb + game - EE. Boy, what a value there


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Further confirmation here from Kaz Hirai and Dave Karraker.

Wow, everyone clamoring for a price drop and they go with...a thinly-veiled price increase!  Way to go Sony!  Now increase the price of PSP by making people get it in a bundle with worthless crap games and UMD movies...oh wait!

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