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Another method to get rid of your family. ;)

Tempus fugit Nintendo manet.


Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Member - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Regular - Pass 2k
Level 4 - Addicted - Pass 5k
Level 5 - Obsessed - Pass 10k
Level 6 - Old Guard - Pass 20k
Level 7 - Legend - Pass 50k
Level 8 - Demi-God - Pass 100k
Level 9 - God - Pass 250k
Level 10 - Zeus - Pass 500k

New Table:

Level 1 - Newbie
Level 2 - Rookie - Pass 1k
Level 3 - Padawan - Pass 10k
Level 4 - Sea Dog - Pass 25k
Level 5 - Captain - Pass 50k
Level 6 - Agent - Pass 100k
Level 7 - Elite - Pass 175k
Level 8 - Hero - Pass 250k
Level 9 - Legend - Pass 500k
Level 10 - Titan - Pass 1 Million

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guys, this is a toy.. not marketted to us (or possibly it is for some of us).. if you don't like it.. don't buy it.. i certainly won't touch it with a 10 foot pole.. or 11 for that matter, just the same way as i wouldn't go out right now and buy a fisher-price toy...

it is not made for you - get the fuck over it

ATM I am so pissed... What's with the hate about Wii Music?

/sarcasm :P


^Because simplicity triggers nerd rage?

Anyway, the guy who wrote that article probably would be considering "force lightning through electrical wires"!

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Millennium said:

Thanks to this article, I will now buy two copies of Wii Music. Maybe even four. Anything to take gaming back from the basement-dwelling freaks who write garbage like this just because they're butthurt over gaming not being Just For Them anymore.

I don't think you understand how things work.

If you repeatedly bend over and spread your arse cheeks, it won't be other people that end up sore. Instead of buying 4 copies of Wii Music, I suggest you just buy 3 and invest the rest of the money in lube. You're gonna need it.


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Paul_Warren said:
"So this guy is going to become one of the biggest mass murdererd ever... possibly the biggest (what is the estimated record for killing people?)"

I think it might be held by the priests of the Aztecs. I was watching Jean Rollin's film The Two Orphan Vampires this morning, and they said that over 100,000 people had lined up at the foot of an Aztec pyramid for the largest ritual sacrifice in history in 1488 at a 3 day festival. So if that is true, then it must be 100,000 and held by Aztec priests.

My advice is not to take history lessons from a schlockmeister!


Agh. I really, really don't want to buy Wii Music, but the proposition of having my family murdered is tempting me...

Mute City theme... sung by a cat.


That alone is worth $50.



EDIT : Wrong thread!

Those who say "If you are offended by Wii music, don't buy it", I say, we are offended because instead of putting miyamoto to good use by making a game that breaks new ground (i.e Super Mario Galaxy) they instead have him making a game in which user input doesn't matter to the end result, so long as you can push a button, any button, you've played wii music effectively.

Sadly, this game will sell like hotcakes because it has "Wii" attached to the end of it.