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Thats ok, we don't hate you now...
But did you say, you were gonna show more of the sources?

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Great more accurate numbers :P

By me:

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Cool, thanks for the heads up.

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Fine by me

ioi said:

Hi all

I just wanted to let everyone know that data will now be arriving later than many of you are used to.

Previously the schedule has been something like:

- Monday - Others data

- Tuesday - Americas data

- Wednesday - Japan data

Since we are now using some new methods and sources to help compile the data each week (expect a big announcement soon!!!), and some data doesn't get to us until Wednesday / Thursday, data is now going to be arriving more towards the back end of the week (Wednesday - Friday).

Until the new system has been running for a while and we have a feel for which order to tackle it in, there may be some variation from week to week of the timing so I ask for your patience and to alert others who may wonder why the data appears to be late.




do what you have to do boss. as long as it is constructive and good,we dont mind. keep at it:D

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Hmm haven't we gotten the numbers on thursday-friday for months already?

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Just a question when are we getting the next numbers?

Ohh damn, how did I miss this thread????


Well okay I suppose, but are we gonna get numbers during the weekend now?

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I would rather have late data this is more accurate, good move.

I wonder if maybe VGC is getting data from TRU, Walmart, or Target... That would be pretty major.

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Thanks for the update.

However, one little thing, could there not be a section of the news for website announcements, because I would have completely missed it if someone had not resurrected it