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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - September 25th rumor.


According to the source the information was pilfered through the work place. Honestly I cannot believe that any high level of management would leave such documents lying around for someone to get at and copy. Then again I wouldn't believe that my state was stupid enough to allow their employees to carry around laptops with the personal information of thousands of residents in public. Well they did, and the idiot left it unattended in an unlocked car while they went to lunch. You can guess what happened to that laptop. So I am obviously not a good measure of how stupid people can be with important information.

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They'd be crazy to attempt a simultaneous upgrade of everyone's box. There's no way to truly test something on that scale, and the risk of an epic failure would be very high. Imagine explaining, on the channel you rented, why you just bricked everyone's box because things cut out half-way through.

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Isn't the new interface supposed to be released in November...

this is funny





I love how the titles are alphabetical. ABCDEFGHIJKL

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add front mission to that list

Microsoft know that online as a TOTAL package is where its at this gen, sony have copied just about everything that microsoft have done this generation when it comes to online gaming , instant messages, cross game chat, ACHIEVEMENTS (although thier trophys will always be gimped because its not implemented in to every game) listening to your own in game fave music (oh , they can't do that, microsoft copyrighted it) ect ect, and like many others i beleive the novelty of HOME will wear off in a matter of months of its launch..... avitars coming , 100 to 1 gameshow and many other game show themed nights during the week......

stick to offline sony, your not cut out for online

your 5 years too late to the party sony

metal gear solid online prety much cements that

wow that would be pretty sweet. But to do something like that, it would only make sense to have the late fall update then too. Id probably cream my pants if that happened though :P

DeotoxSlayer said:
Isn't the new interface supposed to be released in November...


november not fall thats the winter so no



Sounds more like an epilogue for X360

Lost my faith in VGChartz. Too many stupid and ignorant Americans, even as moderators.

It's a shame, really. "The Boss" should do something radical about this Americanization, but it seems hardly feasible, so my days here are numbered.