Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Game Informer really rated Too Human a 6.5?

Munkeh111 said:
Riachu said:
docholliday said:
Well to be honest there seemed to be quite a few complaints.
The controls were bashed for being inconsistent, job balance, story was called a "trainwreck". The main plus seemed to be the extensive customization options. Tons of weapons and armor and alot of different enhancements that can be applied to them.

Does that mean that the story has tons of plot holes?  I knew the story would be a little confusing from what I played from the demo but I didn't think it would have tons of plot holes.


It did not help that they did not really explain anything. I think the story could be quite interesting, and although the demo was confusing, it was indeed interesting, I just did not enjoy playing the game



 I hope you all do realize that they took the entire first part of the story out of the demo, right?

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i played the demo yesterday i love it , th only thing that loks weird was the story .. will see ....

The game appears to be too human then. Todays gamers expect divinity.

Considering that the game comes from SK and, as i've understood, the theme is similar to ED, i was expecting this to be a great game. Especially from the storys part.

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only a couple of more days and I'll be playing the actual game, can't wait.

No other reviews of this game yet?

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Game Informer?  Never heard of em before.  Must not be very credible or relable then.

Well, Game Informer is one of the more important reviews if only for the amount of circulation it gets, so things aren't off to a great start. The game hasn't flopped yet though.

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akuma587 said:
Well, Game Informer is one of the more important reviews if only for the amount of circulation it gets, so things aren't off to a great start. The game hasn't flopped yet though.

Yeah, it'll do that next week.


It was 6.75 and I think we should wait for other reviews ...

Game Informer is the worst. It is the freebie handout magazine with a gamestop card. Many of their reviews are written before final builds of games have gone out to the press.

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