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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which Console(s) Do You Think Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Knight's Story Go On

This topic is pretty derailed. Can we let it die and just wait for more information please? People are personally attacking others now. We clearly don't have enough information to do anything but guess, so let's let it lie and wait and see.

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kimoy said:
leo j

shut up..i concluded that your such a fanboy after reading your predictions for the future.. there is no way the ps3 gonna catch up with sales of the 360 or the wii by 2007 or mid 2008... especially with all the developers now focusing on the wii and 360

Its my signature im not actually saying it. Im not saying how much sold, I am saying sales weekly will increase on the ps3 in a way that it will sell better than the 360 this year and better than the wii by mid 08. I am not such a krazy fanboy all this would be true if the ps3's price drops more than 100 dollars, but I have failed to write that down in the signature thankyou for pointing that out.