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My launch Wii works perfectly, no problems.

Also, my Cube, N64, SNES and NES all still work!

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Since 8th December, it runs just fine.

no problems, got it at launch =)

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Launch day (December)

Couple of lockup on the browser.
Restart fixed though

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I have a launch system and it works fine. Every now and then it will freeze going from the Wii Menu to Wii Shop (I think that's where, hasn't happened in a long time) but a reset fixes that.

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why have 3 or so people discussed the condition of their PS3? We are talking about Wii's here

i ahve had mine since Jan and it still works great! =D

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No problem with any of our 3 Wiis, but one of the Wiimotes didn't work out of the box.

Had one since late December(Christmas).

Froze once during the first of the final battles in Zelda TP; Re-started it and finished the game.  No new problems as of yet. 

Had a few software crashes (had SSX lock up on us this morning - resetting hardware fixed/restored it).

Ended up with a defective SD card slot (although we didn't really realise it, nor did it actually impact us). It wasn't till the "infamous engagement part incident" (i.e. DS card inserted into CD slot) that we had to send it to Nintendo, and we got sent a new one. We lost all our saves & settings (guess Nintendo couldn't restore/backup all the data due to the defective SD slot?) - but still had our VC purchases (losing everything sucked big time). 


So apart from software related crashes, looks like the Wii is "fairly" stable (no where near 360 failure rates anyway).

I do worry a little about the drives in the Wii in general. Hope they don't die within 3-4 years...  

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