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Here's an obscure one. From Sonic R. Can You Feel the Sunshine?

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Reasonable said:

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nordlead said:
Super Mario Bros. Theme

It has to be the most recognized and played theme in all gaming.



Anyone posting other songs is merely posting songs he/she likes; this one answers the question.


The question was catchiest - not most known.  And I'd need evidence before accepting that as I've never played a Mario game nor know the theme...



The SMB theme is so famous that is known even by the people that have never played the game...


Super Mario Bros theme and Legend of Zelda overworld.

Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time

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Sonic 2 probably had the most catchy tunes I heard.

Here is my favorite:


Here are some honorable mentions: - By the way listen to the riff it sounds like "welcome to a whole new level of fun"

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The only answer:

The Mario theme may be more famous, but the above is much catchier. :P

xbebop said:

Yoshi's Story ftw!


Such an underrated game, and such a great tune.  :D

My vote goes to Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time, still remember the first time I heard it.

The Chrono Cross theme - Scars of Time

I actually learned how to play this on the guitar because it sounds so damn beautiful

brawl theme!