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I had this written off since I have Diamond, but this looks like a completely different game (not just the 'Crystal' or 'Yellow' to D/P)

I might get this at some point.

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Looks good, can't wait!

You could probably compare it to Emerald for Ruby and Sapphire. Its going to have a modified story. Some areas will get cosmetic makeovers while others get functional makeovers. The gyms will be set up different. A few new areas will be added and a Battle Frontier.

Theres also a possibility of Gym Leader and Elite Four changes like the 3rd gen line. In RS, the 8th Gym Leader was Wallace and the Champion was Steven. Then in Emerald it changed with the 8th Gym Leader being Juan (where he came from, who knows.) and the Champion being Wallace while Steven was hidden away in a corner somewhere.

The movie was cool. I'm excited to see theirs now entrance animations for your pokemon and the trainers actually have an animation. Seems nifty =P

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I hope the battling pace is improved. Diamond and Pearl were SO SLOW. Other than that, this looks like a general improvement.

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SmokedHostage said:
I hope the battling pace is improved. Diamond and Pearl were SO LOW. Other than that, this looks like a general improvement.

I'm going to assume you meant slow :p

Anyways, play an online match in Pokemon Battle Revolution against a friend with standard teams (6 Pokemon) with standard rule sets. You'll NEVER complain about Diamond and Pearl being slow ever again. If you finish a match in under 30 minutes, then thats a record for PBR XD. Diamond and Pearl are lightning compared to PBR.


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The video looks pretty neat. I really want to know more about the new Giratina form ^___^

Character animations are cool.

looks good,but i still havent gotten diamond/pearl

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Possible Spoiler Thingy:

Giritina's new Origin Forme has the ability Levitate, still appears to have Uber tier stats, is still a Dragon/Ghost type, and currently is only known to take that form in the area called "Torn World". As it stands it assumes its Another Forme everywhere else. Speculation has it that like Shaymin there will be an item that allows it to change form at will, but its not known of yet.

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Look awesome but yeah i didnt buy Pear or Diamond yet but w/e

Maybe in the next set of games they can make the battles 3d I'm surprised that this one has these changes though. Usually they just add a few more pokemon and an area and theres your game.