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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Box Art

Multiplayer would boost sales. But I'd rather have a better single player than a worse one with multiplayer definitely. I am more interested in single player anyway...

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box art is important, too.
i personally don't pay attention to it, but when you're buying all those boxes and occassionally display them on shelves. You'd want your box or rock your socks. ummm... that came out weird.

Why is it that half of the fan-made covers on the net are better than the real thing? I mean the official one isn't bad or anything, but many of those just blow it out of the water.

I agree:


A lot nicer... 

I don't know how much this is intended to be connected to MP:3 but how classy is this?


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nice box art! looks like it'll be a good game.


DonWii said:

Oh. And, of course, the sequel- Metroid Prime 4: Ressurection


If only there was a Metroid prime 4

^Believe. XD

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coolestguyever said:
nice box art! looks like it'll be a good game.