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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sony UK sales boss quits before impending PS3 launch

Yeah, this is a major call, there is no way he's in charge of picking the price, and you don't think they knew his price before now? They approve all of that stuff even if he submitted a proposal. But the price is going to effect their return on something their losing money on so they wouldn't let him choose that. Most likely his job was to secure negotitions with all sales outlets, perhaps he even secures distrubutions. Makes a deal with toy 'r us if they have special promotions, or works with Gamestop with reserving games, probably oversees reps going to stores and promotional items brought in to all sales locations. If all the buzz we been hearing is true about the ps3 preselling out everywhere in Europe then it hardly seems likely that Sony would be upset with him. It could be for entirely unrelated reasons but the timing is so bizzare I can't help but think there's more to it. And most likely we'll never know.