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Forums - Gaming Discussion - which fighting game takes the most skill?

Street Fighter, without a doubt.

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Street Fighter 3, Tekken, Virtua Fighter.

However, depth doesn't equal quality for fun.

For my money, the best fighting games are the Tekken series, followed by Brawl, and Street Fighter(3, not 2).

I'm leaving out KoF, because I know somebody in particular who will be angered by its absence, lol!

DoA and Soul Calibur are good games, but they can't match the complexity found in those top 3 fighters. However, neither can Brawl, and it is very complex. These fighters are very complex, they are just not the MOST complex.

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SHMUPGurus said:

Street Fighter, definitely. Have you seen this before? This move is just so damn hard to pull off, and he actually did it!


that was awesome and he did it with Ken so thats 2X times the awesome :)


OT : Smash Bros series and Street Fighter

Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter.

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King of Fighters and Virtua Fighter.. Try playing in them in the arcades.. I got owned by some Japanse kids.. that was not pretty...


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smash require higher skill, it's not a game you can win by just repeating one move, like in SC

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Dgc1808 said:
Tekken or SSB. I like SC but I can button mash and win easily....


I can guard impact and win easily against button mashers...

that said I think in VF there is still a bit more skill involved than in SC.


Leni said:
smash require higher skill, it's not a game you can win by just repeating one move, like in SC

now I'm curious, which move in SC can you repeat all the time and win (against someone who actually has a bit of knowlegde about the game) ?


Soul Calibur


Duh, tekken.

I think Soul Calibur.