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Forums - Gaming Discussion - which fighting game takes the most skill?

i say Tekken...

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Dgc1808 said:
Tekken or SSB. I like SC but I can button mash and win easily....


 the side step makes the game skilful

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Virtua Fighter by far.

Tekken I can when by button mashing >.>

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BallZ 3D.

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SHMUPGurus said:

Street Fighter, definitely. Have you seen this before? This move is just so damn hard to pull off, and he actually did it!

Is that really Street Fighter? It looks more like M.U.G.E.N.

Anyways, for 3D fighters it's Virtua Fighter and for 2D fighters it's Guilty Gear.


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Tekken by far is, to anyone that says buttommashing works on tekken haven´t met a skilled player in that game.

I used to know all the moves with all the players on tekken 3 and I have yet to meet anyone that wasn´t skilled that managed to beat me.

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virtua fighter by a long shot. I suck at it also. No amount of button mashing can help you win there

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Marvel vs Capcom 2 by such a ludicrous amount. Go look up some youtube videos.

Super Smash Bros Melee is a distant second.

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Virtua figher imo, but you also need a lot of skills to counter in DOA ..