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Honestly, I think Microsoft's commitment to short console life cycles is the overriding reason for the 360 to be gone come 2010: the successor is due to be released around that point. Relative sales barely even matter; Microsoft will be chomping at the bit to release a shiny new box for people to buy.

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EdGuila said:
i love xbox360 said:
EdGuila said:

By 2010 developers will be squeezing up against the 360s small storage capacity and doing everything on one BD disc will be more feasible.

Also in 2010 the PS3 will be atleast 15million ahead in sales.

It costs 50million for Microsoft to bribe developers currently that the PS3 is 5 million behind. Think how much Microsoft will have to bribe developers when PS3 is ahread by 10-15million.


We all know Microsoft last console did a 4 year flop. It wouldn't suprise me if this one went down the same road due to my comment above. PS1 and PS2...16 years of success.

hahaha that made me laugh


Well at the rate the PS3 and 360 are selling at now, by March 2009 the PS3 would of been caught up and the PS3 has spanked the 360 in weekly sales for the past 30 weeks. The 360 is slowly declining in popularity.


Um, no?  It's having its' best year, actually, if you'd bothered to look at the numbers.


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thekitchensink said:

Um, no?  It's having its' best year, actually, if you'd bothered to look at the numbers.

It's best year is still not as good as it is for Sony.

o_hadji89 said:
im just stating what will happen according to my own analysis and have come to this conclusion people are welcome to disagree, that is the beauty of having a discussion!

You can say anything you want, no matter how utterly asinine it is, and put this is my opinion or this is my analysis at the end.

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My dog is an alien, I base this off of my own analysis.

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There are a lot of MS bashing threads popping up!

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Your right it will be around at least until 2012. At that point the new Xbox will be revealed sometime after. Just read Shane Kim's multiple comments on the 360 as it will be around for a very long time indeed.

The PS2 launched in 1999 in Japan and the Xbox launched in 2001. They started late and it was costing them about 2 billion a year to be in the race. The Xbox 360 is the complete opposite, it came first and is profitable.

I think the new Xbox will be released in november 2011, so the last games for the 360 will launch in august 2012. (6 years in the market)
Sony will release it's PS4 in march 2011 in Japan, november 2011 in America and December in Europe. (5 years in the market)
Nintendo will launch the new console in 2012. (6 years in the market)

Realistically ...

Microsoft will focus on the XBox 360 as long as it is reasonable for them to do so. If 2009 starts and it (really) becomes difficult to sell HD development to most third party publishers because the Wii has sold more and is much less expensive to develop for, Microsoft would be forced to release a new console in 2010 because they knew the XBox 360 would (rapidly) die off; if in contrast, Microsoft is able to secure as much (or more) development for the XBox 360 for 2010/2011 as it currently has for 2008 they will (probably) hold out until 2011/2012 to release a new console.