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Forums - Sony Discussion - MrBubbles Reviews Kingdom Hearts II

MrBubbles said:

Its now abundantly clear you're just a pissy fanboy. The definition is more than accurate for this context. To even suggest a 7/10 is a "bash against the series" is borderline idiocy. The is absolutely nothing biased about my posts and makes me question your understanding of the word. If you did understand, you might realize something about yourself and your own posts. and would you kindly explain why i should particularily care what a bunch of worked up fanboys think of my review? Finally, if you dont like my style of review, you are more than welcome to stay out of my threads. Because your trollish behaviour is certainly not welcome.


lol...pissy...nice to be mature about your bias review and my my friend is either pissed off at something or couldn't even beat a boss or fail to even be able to get into a awesome series, which in this case is KH. And basically made a not-complete review.

My posts are not pissy as some members are here are complaining about you.

You are the one with the negative behavior saying you dislike a game and bring in a topic saying review. I came into this thread thinking it was a long review on your experienec with the game and you breaking the game down so I can understand your point.

This: "story = fail, gummi ships = win, everything else = ok   7/10"

Is certainly not a review, its basically saying. I didn't have fun with the game. It sucks and I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't like it.

Certainly you could of been mature about it and expressed your concerns with your friends rather than get on a website and make it known to the public that you dislike the game.

Clearly you don't know what your talking about.

Again this review fails, all of your threads previously created fail, you just make some of the most flamebaited threads ever creatred on this site. And its sad how immature you can be about how I disagree with your review. It's bias just face it, everyone in this thread belives your review is bias.



P.S. This review "story = fail, gummi ships = win, everything else = ok   7/10"  and thread fails.

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MrBubbles said:
dtewi said:

When people go into a page expecting a review, they want to see a breakdown of each element of a game and how well they execute it.

You know full well that is what people expect. You also knew that people would react this way. To think otherwise is just ignorance.

The OP is flamebait because you do not explain yourself and you bash the game for no reason. If you wanted a better reaction, make a better OP.


I am hardly at fault for people expecting extra content. That is not how my reviews work and those that have seen my previous reviews certainly dont expect what you think they expect. Obviously pissy fanboys are going to act pissy and they would act pissy for anything that doesnt think the game is great. You are just grasping at straws trying excuse your pissy fanboy behaviour. You cant handle an opposing view and thats rather sad.


lol...pissy fanboy again...can you learn manners and respect members please. And remove the whole name calling because I will report you.

How many times you said "pissy"? 3 times and most of it is uncalled for. Grow up seriously and this thread should be closed. Its obivous he was targeting the KH crowd and gave a not-so-complete review...

I LOL at things like this....

*exits thread*

MrBubbles, threads need content, and yours lacks that. This thread counts as little more than spam at best, and flamebait at worst. Do not make these threads again. Also, watch the insults. Calling another member a "pissy fanboy" is not appropriate. This is your warning, and I'm locking the thread.