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Wait, so if you don't like controllers that are too light, why don't you like the Wii remote? It's not that light...I find it comfortable. I wouldn't want it so heavy that my wrist would hurt or anything. But as it is now, I can play for hours and have no discomfort. ...and I think that's BS about 3 of your controllers breaking. I have 5 friends with Wiis, and each of them have 4 controllers, except one guy may have 3...I forget. Anyway, the only controller that ever gave us "problems" was a user-error...aka, my friend wasn't strapped in and got a little too excited in tennis. He whipped it to the wall, putting a hole in the drywall...but the Wiimote was spotless. No problems with that controller to this day as far as I know. What in the world are you doing to your remotes, or are you just making things up?

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Lol, my previous cell phone was a Sony Ericson, POS that never worked quite right and dropped far more calls than my family's other cell phones (nokia). Even when it was sent in for hardware failure, the replacement did the exact same thing. Now I got a samsung and a lot less problems. ;) It's just simply the fact that we all have different experiences with the same equipment, take that into consideration, Kwaad and sailing around here will be a lot smoother for everyone here including yourself. ;)

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Ok. the Wiimote feels good weight wise. I love it's weight. I just wish it was a... well... little more confy in my hand. ESPECIALLY horizontal mode. The strap hurts my hands. What SonyEricsson did you have? I've had 3 of them. (3 models, a hell of a lot more than 3 phones) Hardware failure? What kind of hardware failure. I/family have had 7 Z500a. One of them after about 6 months, the charger plug shorted out. Every other one is either still in use, or decomissioned. I had a S710. Best phone I've ever had. It had a few problems. But it was a awosome phone. You know that comercial where it shows theft deterrent? I've done that with that phone MANY MANY MANY times. Stepped on it... left it outside overnight... Drove over it with my jeep in grass... I F*king kid you not. The case on it looked like I let it drag behind my jeep for a mile. Everything worked PERFECT... untill I smashed it in a van door. And other than the fact the screen had a crack all the way across it, and was kinda bent in the middle... it STILL worked fine. for a week. Then it died. I didnt know I smashed it in the door. 30 minutes later. I pull it out of my pocket and SEIOUSLY went. "oh god." Bloody thing was still on, and everything worked fine. the LCD screen didnt loose a single pixel. I was well... Stunned. My wife has the 'new' z500a. (not sure what it's model number is). It is a beautiful phone, feels good, and works great. I miss my S710. That was the best phone I've had. (even though my new samsung is 2 years newer, and has ALOT more features.) same 1.3mp camera... no. Not all cellphone cameras are equal. my SonyEricsson took pictures better than my dad's 4 year old 4MP camera. And for colors and clarity... Well it's hard to beat. had a LCD light for pictures in dark. I carried it with me everywhere for takeing pictures... moreso than useing it as a phone. Without it... I feel empty. I am stuck carrying around this. Nikon D80. Much better camera... however I could almost fit the whole PHONE in my D80's battery compartment. The Nunchuck is light. Wayy to light. the cord is heavier than the nunchuck, wich I dont like that feel either. (it feels REALLY good in my hand tho... just dont like where the cord comes out/too light)

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I believe there's a new Wiimote on it's way that enables better grip, although that's just rumours. And Kwaad, you could always open up the nunchuk and put a lid weight in Yeah boost my country's economy, will ya i lov€ Nokia too. I consider them quite durable, especially the few years old models.

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23, turning 24 in 3 months. NES>SNES>PS1>PS2>??? I also built a high end gaming PC last year. As you can see I generally followed the market with the biggest share and thought for sure I would jump on the PS3, but thats not happening. SONY really disappointed me with their blind eye toward the market. As I've aged , I've kinda lost interest and excitement of trying and playing new games and all but its still interesting seeing charts and numbers. my next gen of choice is "I don't know". Wii does not interest me as of now because of the usual childish Nintendo games lineup. PS3 is way too expensive for what it can offer and it seems to be on the highway to failure. Xbox360 might be the answer, but hardly any Japanese titles make it. hmmmmmmmm

crappy old school NES games are more entertaining than next-gen games.

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