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Nobody else remembers BombJack on the Commodore 64?

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25 here, the above mentioned BombJack on c64 was one of the first games i've played :) (also played on friend's atari waay back) I own amiga500, gameboy, ps2, but i play mostly on my PC. I'm getting Wii when i spot one (already bought wiiplay for gf )


In my thirties, Company Director and I'm a PlayStation dude. It just feels like the gaming console for the big boys, know what I mean?

Im 19, proud owner of PS2, DS Lite, Wii and X360 ... & I've had NES, SNES, GBC, N64, PS, NGC and GBA

31, Wii. Nintendo fan through and through (reason I got into the games industry ;) To be married (next year), no kids yet. 2 cats. Live in Melbourne, Australia --> development mobile (phone) tech/games at the moment. Owned most previous consoles. Used to hate MS - not Sony is taking that mantle (ever since LikSang..). Used to run Nocturnal Entertainment.. (for anyone familiar with the GBA homebrew scene). Kwaad - do yourself a favour, and get a job ;) You spend WAY too much time on this forum!

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24. Not got any of the new systems yet but Wii will be my first choice. Am currently addicted to the DS I got last month, worth getting for Phoenix Wright alone! :) Systems I own currently are: PC, DS, GBC, NeoGeo Pocket Color, NeoGeo CD, Amiga CD32 and PS2.

Aidman said: -29°c Woaw so cold I live in west-north of Africa today it's about 12°c . I live in Algeria. Exactly in Oran guess you don't know this town I understand but it's a wonderful place you wanna see some pictures I'll send you if you want. and about temperature more than 50°c where I live it has never happened the maximum if I'm not wrong is about 40 °c in summer and the mediterraneen see is 150 meters far from me !!! ... I'm just an algerian who loves NINTENDO that's all... Mr. MIYAMOTO in particular.
No way... it can't be true!! I Thaught that I'm the only African here! After that, maybe the only Algerien... But what?? I see that you're from Oran! Just like me!!!! Nice to see that I'm no more the only one here! -Back to the topic- I'm 22, and no next-gen for me since it's a little bit hard to get your hand on hot stuff here, so we have to wait like 6-12 month to see them available everywhere. Right now, i'm playing Zelda TP on my NGC and do not plan on getting a PS3 nor a 360 simply cause I don't have and don't plane to buy an HDTV in the near futur maybe a Wii in summer, it depends on $$$ Owned nearly all previous consoles except the Saturn, and still own a DC and a N64 (for F-Zero X and Banjo Tooie which is waiting for me...)

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im 15 from Canada i got a wii because im a long time nintendo fan and i had to see what the motion sensing was all about. im getting a 360 in the near future because gears of war and halo 3 but over all i thingk i perfer the wii (for now)

I'm 20. Grew up in Florida, currently going to school in Israel. Back home I've got (in order of acquisition): SNES, Genesis, N64, NES What I brought with me: GC, DS (note: NES was bought after GC, before DS) Odds and ends: a GBC that my sister lost a couple years ago, and my cousin's old Master System that I need to get repaired. Trying to figure out how to get a Wii that will work without my having to unplug it when I'm not using it so the AC adapter doesn't fail like the GC's did last year... Given that I have to unplug it when I'm not using it, my GC has taken a backseat to my DS.