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i have gone over the 24 hours mark back in my hay day lol. i have done this everytime i buy a new wrestling game lol.

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About 12 hours for various MMOs. Everquest, City of Heroes, WoW.

maybe 10 hours with brawl trying to unlock everything when it got launch

like 4 hours or so

I'm back...

I beat WindWaker in a single seat back in 2003. It took me from Saturday 10 AM till Sunday morning, allmost a full day.

I also finished Paper Mario GC in a weekend, tough that was not a single session

I also remember that, back in 99, when I was twelve, my mom bought me a GBC with Pokemon Yellow (the Pikachu Special Edition) and I spent all the night playing it, trough Kogas Gym. That was really adictive.
I remember that, when I finally got to bed, with my eyes injected in blood I could still here the damn MIDI inside my head.

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About 18 the day I first got my 360. It was great. I went back and forth between Gears, Condemned, and Burnout Revenge.

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not straight but I used to play world of warcrack for about 10hrs for about 6 months. I lost alot of my life there hehehe.

Smash Bros. Brawl for 11 hours

24 hrs + 3 hrs the next day playing ffvii
after i stopped, i felt sick as hell.

Probably ~10 hours on Ocarina of Time.