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My desire to not start the debate goes for you too all y'all shut the hell up and just wait for it to be announced.


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SpartanFX said:

I m just wondering ,,what IF kingdom heart 3 ends up on PS3 or 360?

are you such hardcore fan that you would buy any console that the game goes to? ,,or you will just play it if it comes to the wii?

just wanted to know how much you love the series,,,,(not arguing where it goes).


soriku might not, but I definately would. The fact that there is a Kingdom Hearts game on the PSP mean that I will be buying one of those, and if KH3 ends up on PS3 or 360, I'll buy one of them too.


That is some interesting fake boxart. Someone definately put more effort into that one the the pS3 fake boxart.

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As mentioned, the Kingdom Hearts team is working on FFv13. End of thread. They will probably finish FFv13 a couple months before release date, so around the release of FFv13 they will be in the very beginning stages of KH3. Leave the platform arguments to the many many threads that are already there for them please.

yes there will be a third kingdom hearts

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ElderScrollsFan said:
it will be on PS3 like every other KH game

true dat


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final fantasy was always on sony platforms...oh crap! (first nintendo then sony)
Dragon quest was always on sony platforms.. oh crap (first nintendo then sony now nintendo again)

You get the picture, it's a Wii exclusive. Square only cares about money, like they should.

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ElderScrollsFan said:
it will be on PS3 like every other KH game

You really said that, did you?




Wait, did someone just imply that Kingdom Hearts isn't casual?

Man, what passes for hardcore these days...

Another day another kingdom hearts thread.

ctk495 said:
Another day another kingdom hearts thread.

This was made like a week ago. Somebody thought it was nice to bump it.