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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official May NPD Thread (Data released 6/12 at ~6:30 PM EST)

NPD will release its report on US videogame sales for the four weeks ending May 31, 2008 in a little over three hours from the time of this post.

I worked out a deal with Pachter a few weeks ago to have him quote Vgchartz Americas numbers in his reports. Since the Americas covers more than just the USA, the numbers he quotes from us for the USA are (VGC Americas data * .9).


Wii - 750,000
DS - 550,000
Xbox 360 - 250,000
PS3 - 225,000
PSP - 200,000
PS2 - 125,000


Wii - 744,000
DS - 510,000
PS3 - 228,000
Xbox 360 - 216,000
PSP - 211,000

VGChartz (scaled down for the US only):

Wii - 645,327
DS - 454,086
PSP - 193,188
Xbox 360 - 191,992
PS3 - 177,989
PS2 - 105,894


My article on NPD expectations can be seen here. Top selling software can be seen in the VGC report, we expect Wii Fit, GTAIV, Mario Kart, Wii Play, Rockband, and others to be in the top ten.


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:) I am waiting for it;.

Can't wait, this will be awesome.

Pity it can't possibly be half as epic as last month's.

Should be roughly 3:1:1 Wii:360:PS3 if there are no surprises.

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Desroko said:
Pity it can't possibly be half as epic as last month's.

Nothing can top last month!

But there will be meltdowns.

Does anyone think that Haze can be in the top ten?

Look like VGChartz predict the lowest.

Haze opened decently. I expect it to be in there.

Haze will be number one! it's an epic game!

all those numbers are pretty different wonder who'll be the closest.

This should be interesting, can't wait for wii fit numbers