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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official May NPD Thread (Data released 6/12 at ~6:30 PM EST)

NPD will be asexpected but I still don't want to miss it. I always seem to miss the NPD threads for some reason.

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You guys are way to rich for my blood, I'm folding.

Can't wait for the NPD numbers to confirm the Wii is a fad, followed by many :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I'm expecting 360 to beat PS3 by 10% at least. There's been no word from MS AFAIK. And whenever they lose or are real close they love putting out pre-NPD damage control. I'm guessing the silence means they aren't as distressed by the results. Either that or they've just gotten used to it and will concentrate all their effort in the post-release spin.

celine said:

From Gaffy:

 OMFG that must be one of the funniest things ive ever seen xD

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I'm expecting Wii>>PS3=Xbox360

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RolStoppable said:
Bitmap Frogs said:
RolStoppable said:. It's called football, btw.
Fail. It's called futebol because that's how brazillians call it.

I don't think that I have ever talked with you before, but are you seriously trying to initiate a flamewar in this thread? Can't wait for NPD numbers, eh?

Why would a chat about futebol turn into a flamewar? Besides, there's nothing to be argued about - the canarinha is the supreme team on earth.

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celine said:
I'm expecting Wii>>PS3=Xbox360

Nowadays that's a safe bet haha.  

RolStoppable said:

Well, you are boring. I'll go back and argue with DMeisterJ then. He's always ready to pick a fight.


No I'm not!

Sqrl said:
Oyvoyvoyv said:
largedarryl said:
I predict 5 anti-Wii articles and 10 death to gaming "I blame Wii Fit" articles to be published within 4 hours of NPD results.

I call your 10 death to gaming articles, and raise you with 3 anti-Wii articles.

 I'm all-in, thats 2 forum meltdowns, a SDF explanation, and 2 Corporate PR spin pieces more to call.

Aww crap, you must know something I don't. I fold.

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

DMeisterJ said:
RolStoppable said:
DMeisterJ said:

Now when you post, I'm immediately going to skip to the last sentence, to make sure I don't waste my time reading when you're most likely talking about Soccer.

When you post, I usually skip over your whole post to make sure that I don't waste my time reading your nonsense. It's called football, btw.


If you're going to skip over my whole post, how praytell will you respond to it?

Also, I didn't know if it was soccer or football, since I though only Spanish countries called it football. But I gues it's a European thing?

 HAHA no what you call "Soccer" over 6 billion(trillion US) people call  Fotball

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