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Forums - General Discussion - Who are your top 5 favorite or hated members?

man, People actually KNEW me in this forum?

I"M SO PROUD!!! I would like to thank God first... without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.. and VGC and ioi, thank you too....


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I'm never active enough here to be in anyone's top 5 or to even make a top 5 list for myself. :P

nordlead said:
quigontcb said:
elgefe(he's first since he's the only one with the good taste to name me)
ioi(hey, I'm not stupid)
Wilford Brimley(I know you're out there somewhere)

Wow, you list yourself twice, and don't even list me once. I'm offended. So now I make my list


favorite however many in no particular order


hated however many in order

quigontcb - he forgot about me as usual
MontanaHatchet - remember back in Vietnam, when you ditched our platoon?!!

 Ok, I'm gonna update since you included me, even if it is on your list of those you loathe.





Wilford Brimley

I was actually just going to name people who listed me, since I didn't want anyone to feel left out. I have around 6 friends here I talk to a bit, so that means someone would be left out. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings...that's the tragedy of having roughly 6 friends in a thread about 5 favorite users.

But Brimley's staying on the list, even if I have to bump ioi off! 

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PS360ForTheWin said:
Rock_On 2008 is a legend, i love his threads! Most people who post on here are cool apart from spammers!
 lol,funniest post ever.