Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So what is your favorite 3rd party developer/publisher for the Wii?

Konami for finally bringing PES on a nintendo system. Only reason i bought a ps2 was for that franchise.

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suda-51 - no more heroes, fatal frame lV

EA - Boom Blox

capcom- resident evil uc, Zack & Wiki

sega- sonic sr

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There are a lot of them that I like. I'm most happy with Activison and Hudson. I also like Sega and EA a lot.


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I'd have to go with mitsubishi... wait something is wrong here, what are we talking about again?

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i know they haven't actually released anything but i'm going to agree with you.  the level of seriousness they are giving the wii is unmatched by any other third party imo.

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Atlus out of the 7 total current gen projects 4 of them went to the Wii, so Atlus has the majority of their games for the Wii so they win in terms of having most of their games on the Wii brand.

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Capcom-Zack and Wiki

Dodge, they had an entire car dedicated to the Wii, I feel sorry for the lucky sap who won that thing, at least it has a wii in it, so i'ts got to be made of win.

At the moment Square, they are offering something big atm and I love it.

FFCC:MLAAK is amazing and in my eyes a turn for the better for greatness for the CC line.

Plus Dragon Quest Swords was actually quite good, I'm finding the replay value is there, and soon to come is FFCC:CB which just can't arrive soon enough, plus their making something else using their in house engine, it may just be a FFCC sequal or a new IP.

My prediction is Square will be the company to prove themselves as well as every 3rd party developer (almost every) wrong when their FFCC sells over 2 million in the US and so on, I wonder what the Japan sales will look like considering the love for FFCC:DS

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In truth I don't think any 3rd party has done a brilliant job on Wii yet, but I think Capcom has done the best so far.


Sega, Sega, Sega. After MadWorld, is there any doubt? They already had me with (what's one of my favorite games this gen) Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Tied for second is EA (turning out some really good stuff lately), Capcom (because their strategy is ports, ports, original game, more ports), and Square (huge FFCC fan but that's one game). 

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