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im pretty sure thats shipped

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Magnific0 said:
^not my intention to put the site down[1] on this dude, it just caught my attention and I think it's been overlooked, and as I already said, it looks bad. But whatever, let the owner have it his way posting crap[2].
Bold part number 2 says bold part number 1 is lying.


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Nice way of playing with my words. I never said the site was crap, I was only talking about incorrect PS2 data.

Remember when VGC data was used by reuters?

Remember that? now how would you like it if someone came to the site looking for information and saw that PS2 data? how does that work for you, perfect I presume right?

And it's not a matter of having it perfect just in case a famous podcast show/magazine/whatever comes visits the site, it's a matter of principle and doing the things right for everyone, beginning with the owners themselves and the members of VGC.

I wanted to bring this overlooked issue to attention, and the thread just went to shit, especially thanks to guys like you around here who made it look like I'm complaining about "not seeing the numbers you want to".

Lol, magnific0 everyone tried to explain you why the numbers should be more on the side of VGC than on the link you gave, but you don't get the answer you want from us, so you just insult the site's credibility.

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Magnific0, do you get orgasms when you insult people on the internet over trivial matters like this?

Tormod said:
Magnific0, do you get orgasms when you insult people on the internet over trivial matters like this?


Damn this post has no point and is just meant to raise my count.

^you just got owned by yourself , lol

Yeah, I know.