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Forums - PC Discussion - What are the basic specs of your PC?

AMD 3800x2, recently OC'd from 2.0 to 2.5ghz (will possibly be going higher..)
2GB DDR 400 ram (socket 939 ftl) underclocked to facilitate the OC of the proc
512MB 8800gt, OC'd to 660 core/950 ram...possibly could go higher with the ram.
3x Western Digital 250gb hard drives
64-bit Gentoo Linux, 32-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Windows Vista Ultimate
42" Westinghouse LVM-42w2 1080p display

Lappy: Dell Vostro 1400
1.4ghz Core 2 Duo (...a little slow, but still plays games nicely)
2GB DDR2 ram
256MB 8400m GS (it says 256 mb in the video card information section of the nvidia-settings program, anyways)
120gb 5400rpm hard drive, divided into 2 roughly equal partitions
64-bit Gentoo Linux, 32-bit Windows XP
1280x800 glossy display

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I think I win the worst computer award. Very few games work properly, Company of heroes and WiC are the two best games that work, and neither work smoothly, and both have to have the lowest graphics settings

2.3GHz Dual Core CPU (AMD Athlon something)
2GB DDR2 RAM @ 667MHz
Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
Graphics card i dont know - good enough for C&C3 on high settings with minimum lag

all for just £300 & a wireless keyboard/mouse

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My PC:

Dell Dimension 4400

Processor: pentium 4 1.6 GHz


Hard disc space: 80gb


it runs Portal so i got cake ^_^ 

Built My PC
Intel pentium dual core e2140 Over Clocked at 3.0ghz from 1.6ghz
Nvidia Geforce 8800gt 256bit 512mb gddr3 video ram Core Clocked at 600mhz.
2gb of ddr2 pc5200 ram clocked at 333mhz.
Seagate 250gb hdd 7200rpm
Windows Vista Home Premium/Linux Ubuntu

Edit: Oh keep it simple

Here is for the simple people

Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.0ghz

Nvidia Geforce 8800gt 512mb of video ram

2gb of ram

250 Gb hdd

Windows Vista Premium/Linux Ubuntu


 Forgot my other pc and laptop.

Dell Dimension 5100

Amd Anthon 2.0ghz single core

1.5gb of ram

120gb hdd

Windows Xp media center/linux ubuntu

Nvidia 6800gt


Sony Vaio VGN-FZ298c

Intel Core 2 Duo clocked at 2ghz

2gb of ram

SOme crappy integrated card

80gb hdd

Windows Xp media Center/Linux Ubuntu 




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You do not want to know...

I can't even remember when this model was produced. It is a CompaqMV720. It can not even play a game from the year 2000. I am stuck playing the original Backyard Soccer. That is the ONLY game that works, and I have to set the sound and graphics levels to their lowest. You can not even open paint in this giant piece of crap.

Few programs can open. Only Microsoft ones, the internet, and control panel, my computer, and all that crap.

So, who HONESTLY thinks they have a worse computer?

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AMD dual core 4400+
Radeon HD3850 (just upgraded from an x800 for a good deal, plan on waiting for 9600s or 8800s or whatever to drop in price)
500 GB HD (I also have a 300 GB but it's out of commission, I might try tinkering with it but meh)
2 GB ram (don't know the specs to be honest)
22" widescreen monitor
Windows XP

Runs games very well, nearly all games on max settings, some I have to lower a couple to keep the framerate high, but it plays COD4 maxed out with at a steady 50 fps (minus AA, that's a killer).

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CPU Pentium 4 3.2 GHZ
1 GB ram
nvidia 7600 GT 256 MB
3 HDDs 120GB 160GB 320GB
17" lcd monitor
5 year old speakers

this pc is about 2 and half years old and i am looking for upgrade soon

Wii/Mario Kart Wii Code:2793-0686-5434

Geforce 6600GT 256mb.
1GB Ram.
320GB, 250GB, 60GB Hdd's
19" LCD Monitor.

Plays alot of games fine but is starting to show it's age with newer games, good thing i plan on upgrading soon :) .

My Laptop:

Processor: AMD Turion 2.20 GHz
Ram: 2 Gb
Hard disc space: 200 Gb
OS: Vista

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