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Forums - PC Discussion - What are the basic specs of your PC?

Pentium4 3GHz with 2CPUs
1gb ram
x700pro 256mb video card
Windows XP

I can run any game over 5years old on max settings at 1280x1024
It can run BF42, BFV and BF2 at nice settings. It almost died trying to run BF2142. It ran the demo's of CoD4 and UT3, and they did not look that bad, i'm pretty sure i was running them at 1280x1024. And they ran at a Nice FPS too. I tried the demo of Crysis and the game would not even show anything on screen at the lowest settings and resolution.

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CPU - Core2duo e6750, 2.66GHz

RAM - 2Gb ddr2

HDD - primary 250GB, secondary 500GB

Graphics Card - Radeon x550 (It's alright I don't use it for playing games)

OS - Windows Server 2008


BenKenobi88 said:
Yeah...that really sucks...isn't there any way to buy a bunch of crap and then have it shipped to you? I mean, I'm guessing your PC might have cost closer to $1000 using all parts from could throw away $1000 on some bizarre shipping and still save money hehe.

Lol next time I invest in a gaming rig I will definately look more into that option


edit- I just checked out that site. Damn it seems as though computer hardware is at least half price in the states compared to Australia.