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Case: Antec 900 (total of 5 fans)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.4ghz w/Tuniq Tower HSF for cooling
Mobo: XFX 780i  

Ram: 4GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800mhz                                                                                                                  GPU: eVGA 9800GX2 (overclocked from stock 600/2000 to 700/2150 (core clock/ram clock)                                       HD: 150GB Raptor



Ben Q 20inch widescreen LCD
Razer Diamondback SE
DSP 500 Headset

This thing FLIES! On crysis benchmark, at 1600x1200, ALL HIGH, I average 52fps. I love that game btw, the graphics are absolutely stunning at 1600x1200 on all high. Never seen anything like it.

I also run Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit, most stable OS I have ever run, BAR NONE. Never had a blue screen, and games run perfect on it after SP1 was released. Just built this thing back in January (first computer I have ever built, and I had never overclocked a CPU before, and I would like to think I did a pretty damn good job getting my Q6600 to run 1GHZ over the stock 2.4ghz). I used evga step-up to go from the g92 8800 GTS to the GX2 when they first came out. This thing destroys any game I throw at it. COD4 doesn't stutter one bit in multi or single with max details, 16xAF and 4xAA.

My old PC was an Athlon FX-57 with an ATi X800XT. This was a HUGE jump in performance from that old thing. The CPU died on that one, so I decided to just go all out since I wanted to play Crysis and COD4, and there were a bunch of new games that are going to be coming out this year that I want to play.

Currently Playing:

PS4 - Killzone:SF and Assasins Creed 4


XBox One: BF4, CoD:Ghosts, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5


Changing channels with my voice: priceless!!!