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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official NPD April 2008 Thread

BCNR34 says:
i'd bet all my VG$ that MKwii is overtracked in comparison to NPD this month.


Magnific0 says:
good estimates. Let's see what the official word from NPD has to say.

ckmlb says:
Will wait on NPD in hopes of GTA having sold better. Seems kinda low after day 1.

Also much higher Mario Kart and Wii numbers than expected. But Wii depends on supply so MK is more surprising.

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@ darthdevidem, there would have to be huge sales in Canada for that

@ yojimbo, that is a ww prediction, and PS3 outsold 360 in Europe, so I doubt a ww 2:1 will ever happen

lol ioi and team owning the board =D

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it might be more than 2 to 1. Just crazy. 2 million 360, 990k ps3

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Munkeh111 said:
@ darthdevidem, there would have to be huge sales in Canada for that

@ yojimbo, that is a ww prediction, and PS3 outsold 360 in Europe, so I doubt a ww 2:1 will ever happen
It is not me who made that foolish bet.


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Canada leans more heavily towards Nintendo than the US usually.

so hmmm... where's NPD's number?

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MK Wii got 2nd best seller of the month not GTA IV PS3.

this is NIntendo's press release about it:

Wii™ emerged as the top-selling console in April, according to the independent NPD Group, which tracks U.S. video game sales. Wii sold more than 714,000 units in April alone, bringing its lifetime sales in the United States to more than 9.5 million.

“Wii sales were buoyed in part by the strong launch of Mario Kart Wii, which sold more than 1.1 million units,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Our belief in appealing to a broad, diverse audience of players continues to resonate with consumers, and we look forward to continuing our outreach to an expanded audience with the launch of Wii Fit next week.”

Other Nintendo highlights from April’s NPD report include:

* Mario Kart® Wii finished as the No. 2 game of the month.
* Six of the top 10 games of the month are for Nintendo systems: Mario Kart Wii (No. 2), Wii Play™ (No. 4), Super Smash Bros.® Brawl (No. 5), Pokémon® Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (No. 7), Pokémon® Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (No. 8) and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (No. 9).
* Super Smash Bros. Brawl crossed the 3 million sales mark in the United States.
* Wii and Nintendo DS™ again finished as the two top-selling hardware systems.

kingofwale said:
so hmmm... where's NPD's number?

They haven't been released yet. All we have at the moment is Nintendo's early press release. The complete NPD numbers should be available in 15-30 minutes.

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