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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who started to gaming this gen or last gen?

I'm 24. I started gaming since the NES days. I played all the classics: Megaman, Mario, some very good games like Ducktales, Chip & Dale, Adventures of Lolo...

Then, I played every console available. I have all past consoles and currently I have a Wii and 360 (PSP and PS3 doesn't have enough games that I want).


So, I just want to know.... who is new into gaming? Who started in the PS2/PS3 era?


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I started in the transition between the snes and n64. I had the snes first ,but a year later I got an n64, then a ps1.

Started with NES. Have all 3 consoles now + DS.

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Actually I started gaming simultaneously on a loaned C64 and on our own Amiga500, but first "non-computer" gaming system was black&white GameBoy. Only later on I got my first console and it was SNES. I got it as a christmas present and I've got to say, it's still my favorite console of all time...I still do remove it from its original box from time to time to play the few games I have left for it. Currently I'm enjoying Super Metroid :)

I'm from the Amstrad generation :)

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i am 20 and i started with my brothers atari, my brother give me a nes, my parents a game boy (the big one) until this days.

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I'm 15 and I basically started gaming with the PS2, though I had a PS1 for 6 months before then. However, I have only really been a proper gamer for the last few years

started gaming when i was 3
started with both the nes and the atari
i have every nintendo thing that came out including VB

I start with the NES, some of the best memories ever!!!

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Well not that I didn't play NES, SNES, and N64/PS1, but it dwindled in succession...just got too expensive.

But I rebounded with the PS2...and it was towards the end of last generation.