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    Anyone played Dokapon Kingdom?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 February 2009

    i finished one battle royal (which can be short ) and spent hours and hours and hours on story mode (30+ hours) and didnt finish it. Yes story mode can be played in multiplayer and thats whats really fun about the game !you have your character level which can reach 99 and your job level which can reach 7 for each class. Their are two benefits from rising you class level : 1- unlock new attacks2-...

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    PlayStation 3 Now a "Movie Downloading Machine"

    in Sony Discussion on 15 December 2008

    well, what were sony talking about this E3 ?so how come u expect something else ?Nintendo talked about shovel ware like CoD 5Sony talked about movies for some reason ?and M$ talked about over hyped games that will sell no matter how bad they are....

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    Mushroom Men Spore Wars bombed who's fault?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2008

    "4 of them are almost all over 80 (IGN's one score is 79) what means it is a good game defenetly deserving more than 2000 of first week sale. "this is why the game industry will die, cause of people like u...

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    Best controller of all time.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 December 2008


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    Toki Tori or Lostwinds?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 December 2008

    toki tbh,its one of the most underrated games on VC, i mean lost winds is a MUST but TT > LW...

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    X play Reggie interview. Some good core games will announced at E3...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 December 2008

    well ofcrs they would change their strategy after they realized that rubbish games will always be rubbish and wont sell, even if they were on E3. This was the worst E3 for me....

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    Sonic and the Black Knight New Screens and Preview

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 December 2008

    sure looks gr8,but if it had crappy FPS like secret rings..then that would be a problem, sonic games MUST have 60 STABLE fps....

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    VGchartz is fun, but what you do in REAL life?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 December 2008

    sorry for double post :P...

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    VGchartz is fun, but what you do in REAL life?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 December 2008

    there is no real life,there is VGchartz and AFK...

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    PS3 best seller in Spain!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 12 December 2008

    stovo said: I think that Spain is a cool country, because PS3 is outselling Wii and 360 there.    Well i think we should all be happy for spain cause some random guy on some random forums think that spain is a cool country cause the ps3 is " outselling wii and 360 " over there ! Good ! now the 360+Wii can dominate the world. (ps i think america is the best place...

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    where are the Japanese RPGs for PS3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 December 2008

    RayRay102 said: What happen?    the weeah ate them !  D: <...

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    Why did no-one tell me how awesome Viewtiful Joe is??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 December 2008

    the first one is waaaaaaay better + many people have bad taste in games, especially challenging games.If u dont play and beat the first game one V-rated mode then ur missing alot :P...

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    1up Changes Socom Review Score after the patch yesterday(from C+ to B+)

    in Sony Discussion on 01 November 2008 i started this thread..? hmmm..! I WONDER !?...

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    Megaman 9!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2008

    well if i knew when it hits i wouldnt have spent my whole day looking the shop channel ! >...

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    Megaman 9!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2008

    "megaman nayn.. where u walk around with lil blue bitc*.. with his lil bitc* ass buster and he just goes.. HA HA HA come on now.. who wanna play dat shiet ?! i wanna shoo some niggaz ! POW POW! u know what they should rename dat sheit ? they should rename it to gayman 9 !"

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    Why is Little Big Fable 2 outselling Little Big Planet 1?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 September 2008

    "I thought LBP was massive and Fable 2 was not! :/ Explain this to me!"from when LBP was massive ?if M$ was successful of making Galo sell 4134 million u think it cant over hype Gable 2?...

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    Megaman 9!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2008

    HOW CAN U NOT HAVE UR WII POINTS READY ?!ive prepared every thing and just WAITING !grrrr ! i even slept only for 4 hours i woke up cause of the nightmare of megaman 9 never existed ! ...

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    Megaman 9!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2008

    cant believe its only a few hours away ! <3 IM NOT BEING ABLE TO SLEEP IM SO HYPED ! WAITING AND WAITING FOR IT TO BE RELEASED ! checking the shop channel every now and then ! RAWR MUST GET NOOOOOU !...

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    Are you going to give Red Steel 2 a chance?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2008

    i would think twice as long as it has "ubi soft" written on it :P...

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    just traded in all my 360 stuff and got a 80gig ps3.

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2008

    i laugh at the pathetic lists u got there xDfolklore is the one and ONLY game thats worth playingwhen u buy a crappy system crappy games will look good to u gratz ! ...

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