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x-play and G4 has really gone down hill. their shows are a bunch of garbage. and as far as their reviews go.......................well lets not get into that.

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*bleu-ocelot* said:
wii fanboys will never be satisfied until Nintendo has Kaz and Bill sweeping their front offices in Mario and Luigi outfits.

lol thats pretty funny.

I'm not really sure why I should be offended. What did I miss? The adolf thing?

I thought the casual toolbag was funny, and extremely true.

^Guy pissing on Microsoft Sign


As I'm terminally behind in my game-playing (I'm still in the midst of finishing up RE: UC and SSMB), could someone elaborate on this 'punished for doing well' aspect of MK?

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Did anyone else notice that there video looked really bad, i played the DS Mk game the other day and they both looked about the same, i'm sure the wii looks alot better then the DS, but for some reason their video looked like shit.

G4 died long time ago on my books...

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elgefe02 said:
G4 died long time ago on my books...

 The day G4 Media Inc. systematically bought, merged, and killed TechTV was the day they died in my books, and a lot of other peoples. I have no respect for G4... that said Olivia Munn is hot.

Well.. i don't really feel ofended but c'mon i'm gonna play the game and i'm gonna have A LOT of hours of fun even if the give it a -999 so what's the problem?

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nothing wrong with the review...seems fair and non-fanboyish,