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Really im sorry for my bad english im from venezuela, but im really a nintendo supporter, i actualy own a Wii, Gamecube, and Nintendo Ds Lite, my Brother has a Xbox360 and i have played gears, lost planet, Raimbow six vegas, ghost recon and many of the other great games that the console haves, but like a week ago i bought a PS3, im gonna tale you from the start im a sony heather, but the PS3 is really a impressive piece of machien im really impress, i really dont know why it dosent sell well, its really not that expensive for a bluray player, an it those a lot of stuff, and if you and a wireless adapter to the xbox360 elite it almost cost the same, and i bet that all the heather of ps3 of this web page dosent even have one. im not telling you to go and buy one, because it really dosent have a good librery of games out yet, but im really impress that a very got machine like the ps3 is getting so bad publicity, because it really is not a bad console just a little pricy.

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I have one since 23 march .I obviously dont hate it ,nor does any of the people who has one and have experimented what a great machine it is .

me me me, since dec 06! Best hardware i ever got.

its really wierd that a great machien like that gets that many bad publicity, im really a pro nintendo gamer, played all zeldas all metroid, and waiting for smash brawl, but final fantasy 13 looks pretty good so those MG4

Since European launch. Motorstorm, Resistance and Oblivion! PSN: Blast Factor, Lemmings and Fl0w so far. Planning on getting at least 10 other PS3 games and probably a few PSX/PS2 games later this year as well. I haven't owned a games console for the past 7 years before getting two Nintendo DSes for me and my gf half a year ago!

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PS3 vs 360 sales

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I've had mine since US Launch. Nov. 17, 2006

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I got one in March too, I think mid March.

The games I play the most that aren't PS2 games are: VF 5, Motorstorm and Resistance: Fall of Man. I downloaded lemmings, Crach Bandicoot and Flow so far.

Edit: Forgot to mention MK II the downloadable game I'm playing the most lol

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Well, I would say this is one reason why it doesnt sell well ," its really not that expensive for a bluray player". I agree, it isnt. But I am more interested in the gaming aspects of it, rather than the entertainment parts. Not everyone can afford one. It is a great piece of hardware, however, just ahead of its time. I will be getting one, but not until late 2008, when there should be a significant price drop/better software.

DonWii said:
Well, I would say this is one reason why it doesnt sell well ," its really not that expensive for a bluray player".

 Well I have one since 4 weeks, although I have my doubts if the PS-3 will work for Sony, but I got it for a VERY attractive price and it is at least a decent BluRay PLayer and motorstorm races can be fun. 

yes ps3 is a really pricy machine but the xbox360 elite is selling well ( so i heard ) and it isnt cheap at all