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Foshoryuken said:

C'mon guys..
When you played FF12, did it even feel like it was a Final Fantasy game? Let alone a game made by Square?

 Did to me. Things differed, sure, the Summon's were not the usual ones, battle/magic system was completely different (and random battles is something I associated strongly with FF games). But there was a 'feel' to it...*shrugs*


Okay so it wasn't that Final Fantasy-ee but it's a step up from FFXI and still a great game in it's own right. I am starting to miss a few of the things I associated with FF from early PSOne Final Fantasys. But games are changing.

Hmm, pie.

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The story moved way too slow at start for my liking and the cutscenes were far away from each other... ( Best FF story : FFVI )

The battle system was horrible, it was like a very shallow single player MMORPG where you were also too limited at start as twesterm stated before me.
( Best FF Battle System : FFX )

The leveling system was honestly the worse of the series, all characters progressed alike and you BEGAN to like it only in the final chapters of the game.
( Best FF Level System : FFIX )

Overall, not a bad game, just not up there with the rest of the series. I hope they take some steps back with FFXIII...

Look, if you're new to JRPG skip it for now, cause it's not an easy game for newbies, go and buy FFX or dragon quest viii instead,
on a personal note, i loved FF XII, it had a huge world, new battle system, tons of side quests, great graphics, great music,,, ok the story was not among the best but it was fine,,

My Top ten JRPG are:
2- FF Tactics
3- FF X
4- Dragon Quest VIII
5- Suikoden 3
6- Valkyrie profile 1
7- Valkyrie profile 2
8- Shin megami Tensei nocturne
9- FF VI
10- Suikoden 2

other enjoyed RPGS: FF VII, FF XII, DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA 1&2, Suikoden 4, Disgaea, phantom brave, La pucelle Tactics, FF IX



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oups ,, i missed Star Ocean 3 ,,,,,,, it should be at number 5



Currently Playing: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3), White Knight Chronicles (PS3), PES 2010 (PS3), Killzone 2 (PS3)

Games to Finish: Silent hill Homecoming (PS3), Valkyria Chronicles (PS3), Oblivion (PS3)

I loved it AND hated it

Loved: The MMORPG combat style without the annoying MMO part. The Gambits could make things easy but I just didn't use them on one character who i controlled normally, making it like a squad based AI but without idiotic AI.

Hated: The story. It was just a rip off of their previous work Tactics Ogre, and Star Wars, with almost direct dialogue lifted from Starwars!

Overally it was disapointing as a FF game... but then again it was a lot better then 7, 8 or 10. It was a step in the right direction. I usually perfer turnbased fighting, but with Final Fantasy... there just isn't a point anymore... the way's they tried to change up their turnbased to make it less boring and get things done quicker for American audiences just made the battles kinda stupid.

Had they cut out the story all together and instead focused completely on hunts with a cutscene low, barely character driven... vapid "I want to be the best hunter!" story, it'd actually rank 3rd in my list of main Final Fantasy games behind 6 and 4.  That's how much a negative the story was.

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What I look for in RPGs. Character Development and Customizing ability, however everybody still having well defined special abilties and what they are good at. Also I perfer a larger cast of playable characters if I can get it... doesn't have to be like 100, but 20 or so is the perfect amount for me if you can get in the right amount of character depth personality wise per person.


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I loved it. Each to their own, huh?

@ MakingMusic

What SlorgNet said... and Famitsu gave it 40/40.

From what little I played, I remember it had good visuals, but wasn't that impressed with the gameplay. Hated the gambit system and the licenses, but I prefer the old school FF's anyway. So if a Final Fantasy game doesn't have turn based random battles, is it really a Final Fantasy game? I liked IX a lot though, where are the FF IX spin off cell phone games?

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DMeisterJ said:
@ MakingMusic

What SlorgNet said... and Famitsu gave it 40/40.

 Edge Magazine gave it their Game of the Year Award for 2006 and a 9/10 (that being excellent for Edge).

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makingmusic476 said:
makingmusic476 said:
And I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Maybe somebody will appear in here with an absolutely brilliant review of the game that convinces me to buy it. :P

SlorgNet said:

See, lots of people want their role-playing games filled with females with Montana-sized mammary glands, 15-year-old guys with Sword Issues, tacky teen romances written like self-help books, and Evil Father Figure Villains. I play bubblegum games too, they can be fun -- FF10 is a typical example -- but games can be much, much more than bubble gum.

So why do so many people hate FF12? Simple: it smashes every single convention of every JPRG, as well as most of the cliches of US and European RPGs.

It's also one of the most anti-imperialist videogames you'll ever play.

That's frightening to lots of people. Especially in the US, because this place is in deep denial over its collapsing Empire.

FF12 has a tremendous story, and some of the best characters ever created in any work of media -- film, TV, you name it. (I spend lots of time analyzing film, television, and media productions. FF12 stands up to the best of the best). It has three independent, strong women characters, who are as tough as the men. No bimbos, just complex people. It has breathtaking scenery and set design. It has a clever real-time battle system, making you feel like you're actually in the game world.

It has one of the deepest stories of any FF game, including geopolitics galore. The references to colonialism and neocolonialism are accurate and astounding. (Hints: Archades = US Empire, nethicite = Tolkien's Ring of Power, and Dalmasca = occupied Iraq. Oh hell yes.) It has the best voice-acting of any game, period. It has a ton of quite subtle and adult character development. It has the first credible interracial romance I've seen in any blockbuster media production (Fran and Balthier).

So give FF12 a try. You may not like it, but I guarantee, it's one of the few games you'll ever return to, many years from now, and find yourself stunned at just how amazing it truly is.

God dammit you did it. :|

I was waiting for that guy to post. He loves 12 and has a good argument. Did you get it.

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