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There are some games that are supposed to come out on 07 that aren´t in there, such as NIGHTS and Soul Calibur Legends. Although I hope they get delayed till 08, to make them good. And BTW, checking 08 Wii´s lineup, I think 08 has potential to be a lot bigger for Wii than 07.

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i have a wii and out of those games i plan on buying 2 Brawl and maybe MArio. Everything else doesnt appeal to me or looks mediocre.

How many of these have already received and will receive higher than a 7.00 average from reviewers? Chalk up one less after Mario Party 8. The big 3, Metroid, Brawl, and Galaxy look pretty amazing though along with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Smooth Moves was kind of fun, and Super Paper Mario is supposed to be good. Beyond Zelda, none of the other ones are that inspiring. Boogie could be a major sleeper hit though so I will hold my judgment on that one.

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Easily the weakest lineup IMO. I'm interested in Mario Galaxy, Metroid, and maybe Resident Evil:UC(unless that's the on-rail one, not sure). There are only 3 from the 360 list that I want as well, but I want those 3 more than these.

EDIT - actually, after seeing the latest gameplay trailer on gametrailers for bioshock...I'm beginning to lose interest in that title.

Seriously, people should understand that Wii´s lineup for 07 never was intended to be excellent besides from 1st party titles, because the console was a major risk. Now that Wii has show it will succeed, tons of good games ,specially from third parties are expected for 08. E3 07 and TGS 07 should prove me right

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windbane said:
StarcraftManiac said:

Add NO MORE HEROES from Suda 51

Also: Final fantasy: Chrystal chronicles and Dragon quest swords have been forgotten!


I believe this list is far from complete cause i managed to come up with 3 BIG titles for the Wii in just seconds!


Just add em to your growing list!

Dragon Quest Swords is hardly a big release. But hell, replace something else with it. The list is a bad copy of the idea. At least the PS3 is taking awhile because very nice screenshots are being added...I guess even Wii fans can't handle the graphics...

Oh man. I keed, I keed. (and I'll be playing many of the listed's just not a good list).


I realize you like to troll and bash the wii however that shouldnt be a reason to post garbage to make yourself look like a fool.

Nice try tho. 

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i have a Wii and can't wait for all those new games!


As many have already said, this thread needs a boost :) But reading through the list, I want to play RE4. Most of the games on the list needs a description and pictures before I can get any sort of hype for them. So far titles that interest me from the Wii: Wii Sports Zelda: TP Resident Evil 4

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How can I post pics on the posts? I´ve already written some stuff about 10 games, but can find a way to put the pictures.