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Forums - Movies & TV - Better “bad” videogame movie: Super Mario Bros. (1993) or Street Fighter (1994)?


Which videogame movie from the early 90’s was “better” (less shitty?)?

Super Mario Bros. (1993) 7 23.33%
Street Fighter (1994) 23 76.67%
Kaunisto said:
Spike0503 said:

I think the more interesting question would be which is better between SF and the first MK movie? I would vote for MK in that case!

I'm pretty sure everyone would, making it not interesting at all. Rather, how about Street Fighter vs Tekken?

I think it would be more competitive than what you think. Both made around $100 mil in the box office and I'd say both have a cult following to this day. Street Fighter vs Tekken isn't even a contest considering barely anyone watched or heard of the Tekken movie or it's direct to DVD sequels.

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Tober said:

"For me it was Tuesday"


Really though, at least with the success of the 2023 Mario movie, Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper were able to finally rest in peace.

I liked the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Street Fighter was "so bad that it was good" in a lot of moments.

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Street Fighter- Best villian character ever
Super Mario Bros- nostalgia made me vote for this film sadly