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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do you play video games?

To have fun, and often to escape the often shitty world that hopefully gets better.

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CaptainExplosion said:

To have fun, and often to escape the often shitty world that hopefully gets better.

Speaking of "hopefully gets better".
We've been told in denmark, to prepair incase of emergency situations.... like if water isn't comeing out of the pipes for 3 days, or electristy/heating goes ect. So we've all been asked to stock up on candles/gas(cooking)/canned foods/water enough for 3-4 days ect.
People have been buying "iodine tablets" in case of a nuke drop and winds blowing our direction ect.

I'm long since reached the point, where I'm just hopeing russia doesn't "make it worse".

No nukes, no tempering with our water or electristy grids ect please.
And if they could stop wageing a war on ukrine, that would be great too.

Several reasons.

The feeling of achiving something. Even if I know that the things are not real it is a driving factor for me.

Using my brain to solve puzzles. Many games are great at mental challenges.

Experience something new. Through a story or through exploration or even new concepts and ways of thinking.

Tober said:
Chrkeller said:

Fun. Only fishing and sex is more fun than videogames.

Good you mentioned fishing first

Only natural he would mention fishing before sex since one of the first things you learn after reaching puberty is sex doesn't turn up at your doorstep you need to go fishing for it, still combining all three like having sex at the same time as fishing in Zelda twilight princess is even more fun.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot

Relaxation and to de-stress from all that is happening within the day lol

I like the stories, gameplay when its fun and sense of completion is great.

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I play video games because it is the most interactive art form.