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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spanish SW & HW Sales - Week 6, 2024

Sales Week 6: February 5 – 11, 2024

  1. EA Sports FC 24 (PS4) 3.000 units
  2. EA Sports FC 24 (PS5) 3.000 units
  3. EA Sports FC 24 (Switch) 3.000 units
  4. Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Switch) 1.800 units
  5. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) 1.500 units
  6. Grand Theft Auto V (PS5)
  7. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch) 1.000 units
  8. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (PS5) 750 units
  9. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
  10. The Last of Us Parte II Remastered (PS5)

Top Hardware week 6:

  • PS5: 4.000 units
  • Nintendo Switch: 3.000 units
  • Xbox Series: 450 units

Source: Gamereactor

2024 Switch PS5 Xbox Series Cumulative
Week 1 25500 25000 2500 53000
Week 2 6000 9500 1000 16500
Week 3 3500 12000 500 16000
Week 4 2500 9500 700 12700
Week 5 3000 6500 1200 10700
Week 6 3000 4000 450 7450
Cumulative 43500 66500 6350 116350

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That not-FIFA equilibrium.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Things slowing down very quickly this year in Spain, makes for some pretty grim declines YoY this week (vs adjusted 2023 figures):

PS5 -66%
NS -38%
XS -78%

It wasn't until mid March last year that the PS5 dropped below 10k, as plentiful supply finally satisfied all the pent up demand. I think we're in for a couple of months of sharp declines for all three unless there's a price cut for one of them.

It was to be expected, after the forecasts were had. PS5 is already in for a good decline due to the lower demand than the pent up one it had last year, Xbox is just Xbox and the cacophony of last week may influence some of it's numbers temporarily too though not like it wasn't gonna decline anyway.

Switch is experiencing the continued decline of a console in it's Twilight years.

Meantime the software chart is basically, Non standard FIFA, Mario and GTA V. Most of the new releases are already non existent past 1 weeks of their release

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EA Sports FC 24 (Switch) 3.000 units

Nintendo Switch: 3.000 units

Coincidence?  I think not.

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Honestly PS5 was in such low supply for so long, I think the spanish sales should really be holding up for longer. I think Switch 2 will be a real problem for Sony in s some markets