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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 Ships 54.8 Million Units as of December 2023, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Sales Top 10M


GOW 2018 - 26% 

GT Sport - 27%

Both are closer to 30%, and that didn't account for the European bundles that will skew the bundle ratio further.

Overall, we have to look at the company's profits to see those games contributions.

PlayStation Operating Profits - $1.6 billion vs Nintendo Operating Profits - $4.1 billion

Why are you assuming European bundles would skew the bundle ratio further? From the UK charts via Chris Dring, bundles accounted for 15% of HFW's software sales in 2022, so for all we know the bundled ratio could close with Europe. 

I don't get what operating profits have to do with anything, especially when we're discussing past data, that has no bearing on current operating profits. Not to mention, Nintendo is more than just the Switch, unlike PlayStation which is just a subsidiary of Sony. Here's a more apt comparison: 

Nintendo Operating Profits - 4.1B vs. Sony's Operating Profits - 6.9B. (FY22 comp)

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The 8.2 million the PS5 shipped is equal to the best holiday quarter that the XB360 ever had, however the PS5 is spreading it's sales to other quarters unlike the XB360.