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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you think Nintendo has some of the most iconic hardware designs?

TheMisterManGuy said:

But one thing I think Nintendo always nailed with hardware design, was creating a very distinctive and instantly recognizable look for its products.

Often, but not always.

Wii and WiiU look like a generic external CD-ROM of the 1990s.

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Some of them are iconic but quality wise - I'd say the build quality was not as good.

Nintendo's strength is in their software, not hardware.

From the virtua boy to the pokemon mini. Why is this enven a discussion point. Also they have also been the onely company in the handheld market for the last 20 years. So duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Seeing as most of their hardware ideas get copied I can agree.

Gotta reference a old flash movie series "A decline from Video Gaming" The DS was a SP with a Extra Screen. But yes it was Iconic

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The three most iconic console designs are the 2600, NES and Gameboy. That trio can be stripped of their logos, put on t-shirts, and people of a certain age who didn't even play video games would likely know what they are. Heck, I'd bet most teenagers would know what the NES is, these days.

To me the GameCube sure it does for being different then the rest. I could say it's similar to a small compact speaker/CD player but I won't because I think it's got a great design and looks like a stand out console to handle take with you places.

DS to me is still just a PDA but dual screens. Thin or OG DS thick. So I can't really say so there. Are their handhelds/consoles iconic sure people know what they are but in terms of hardware appeal or differences yeah some fit a different line then others for me of tools, typical console design or stand out ones.

Yes I know the DS is a GBA SP or Game and Watch design with the dual screens but still OG DS was very PDA like in a way too, even with the stylus like PDAs had and DS as many's first touch screen experience then a touch screen monitor or a PDA as PDAs are very business tech yeah the look is kind of similar to me and I haven't even used a PDA.

N64 has it's fairness of design besides the Saturn/PS1/Pippin/PC-FX being a very PC tower/CD-i being well like you'd expect of a CD player look/FM Towns/3DO/Jaguar. I think the Jaguar/3DO have their interesting differences as well whether the 3DO's edges or the Jaguar's shape being very particular.

2600 wood grain for sure stands out for it.

Tapwave Zodiac and Gizmondo with their textures and looks are very strange especially compared to the PSP where you'd go yeah that's a typical sleek game console then the others (regardless of people even knowing what the other two are and they are very console like they are very bubbly I guess or very thick and 2000s era for sure besides their differences in buttons or the camera/GPS that was bundled not addons like PSP had them as) but as they were based on PDAs/Pocket PCs or OS or ex employees of Palm for Tapwave yeah it makes sense. Tiger Gamecom as well and hey 2 card slots DSi never did.

To me my point is still seeing some of that PC tech look in a gaming console seems odd to me when it could be anywhere similar to the PSP with the 'yeah it's what you think a typical sleek modern console' looks like or a Sony system. Not a bad thing I enjoy the PSP/Vita but if looks alone then yeah they are what you expect in looks.

NGage may be strange but it still stands out. Neo Geo Pocket seems fine even with or without the arcadey joystick the design looks kind of nice.

Lynx to me always looked cool with it's like Wonderswan sort of many buttons layout differences then other handhelds for vertical or left and right playing methods. Always just appealed to me seeing them or thinking how they actually are with additional buttons or screen layout play.

Switch is fine but to me it's a tablet and separate controllers that even the Lenovo Legion can do. With PSP 2000+ cabling to the TV, Nomad or Pocket PC/PDA docks, It's fine but not that exciting if you have experienced it before or seen it before in other tech outside of Nintendo stuff. So the separate controllers before the Legion sure and the additional buttons/tabletop and more then some big ones on a PC handheld that won't likely use them anyways as they aren't designed for it compared to how Switch is of course.

I don't like slim consoles, yes even the DS Lite. I like thick consoles. I hate smartphone slimness enough as it is. Or even laptops/tablets. But I'm in the minority there so like i can win at all. If the materials are fair and it's thick I'm fine with it. Slimness and easily slipping out of my hands, so slim they can break DS Lite of garbage hinge or carts sticking out. No I don't want a slim system. PSP 2000 slimness hasn't bothered me that much but still.

In terms of others I think some may stand out from other companies just trying to think what they look like besides seeing images already through console library research.

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Of course Nintendo hardware is iconic. The Wii, NES, and DS were all the rage in their time, and I'd throw in the SNES as well. If I had to pick one, I'd say the NES controller is perhaps the most iconic hardware in the history of video gaming.

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Very nice images that you have there that shows the uniquness of Nintendo devices.  In addition my best memory was everyone in my college using the Nintendo Switch to stream Netflix. 

Jumpin said:

Of course Nintendo hardware is iconic. The Wii, NES, and DS were all the rage in their time, and I'd throw in the SNES as well. If I had to pick one, I'd say the NES controller is perhaps the most iconic hardware in the history of video gaming.