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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 41, 2023 (Oct 02 - Oct 08)

The top 10 had 9 new SKUs last week and it has 6 new SKUs this week. I suppose this means that holiday season is already upon us, as far as having lots of new releases almost every week.

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Impressive week 41 for Switch thanks to the MariOLED, although it's still a distant second from 2021's debut of Metroid Dread the same week. Switch 2023 should have no trouble claiming the crown for week 43 though. ;)

I didn't know the game of life was so popular.

What are we thinking for total Switch sales this year? I was looking at how well it did each year after this point

Week 42 onward (% of yearly total)
2017-1.560 million (45.8%)
2018-1.628 million (46.8%)
2019-1.829 million (40.1%)
2020-1.803 million (30.3%)
2021-1.494 million (26.8%)
2022-1.299 million (27.0%)

Kind of interesting trend where holiday quarter sales have declined in relation to overall yearly sales, it went from nearly half to just over a quarter.

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I'll make a guesstimate of 4.55m. 

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Detective Pikachu Returns, if you count the probable FW digital sales, would already sit over the original game LT sales here. It's just Japan profit from this point on !

Of course, great boost for the Switch the Mario OLED model which the OLED profit from the majority of sales this week amongst SKUs.

PS5 actually had it's weakest week all of this year so far. Shortages might be a thing due to Sony planning to move on with a pricier model in the coming months. Sales will relatively be better next since people will now panick at the idea of paying a higher price because of another price hike.

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Huge growth for Detective Pikachu Returns over the original on the 3DS. Numbers provided by Chris1964 from InstallBase

Famitsu Sales: Week 12, 2018 (Mar 19 - Mar 25)
04./00. [3DS] Detective Pikachu <ADV> (Pokemon Co.) {2018.03.23} (¥4.980) - 34.037 / NEW <40-60%>

Famitsu Sales: Week 41, 2023 (Oct 02 - Oct 08)

01./00. [NSW] Detective Pikachu Returns <ADV> (Pokemon Co.) {2023.10.06} (¥5.980) - 85.639 / NEW

It is inevitable....

Credit to Hiska-kun

ShadowLink93 said:

Switch at 3.16 million in 2023 with 12 weeks left of the year, on track to sell 4.5 million for the full year and only 2 million behind the lifetime record of NDS. Lifetime NDS sales are tracked at 32.87 million by Media Creates and 32.99 million officially shipped by Nintendo.

It's actually crazy to replace a console which sells 4.5 million a year. Without successor, Switch would sell ~3m in 2024, but if a successor launches I expect ~2m. It shouldn't drop as hard as DS, if we see some cross-platform titles.

~100k! Wondering how Super Mario Wonder release week will be!