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1983, Game of the Year

Dragon's Lair 9 21.95%
Mario Bros 15 36.59%
Spy Hunter 4 9.76%
Star Wars 4 9.76%
Track and Field 0 0%
Lode Runner 1 2.44%
Manic Miner 1 2.44%
Dr J vs Larry Bird 0 0%
Ultima 3 4 9.76%
Other (please specify) 3 7.32%

There is currently a 6-way tie for second place. So far it looks like this year had something for everybody.

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I played the Star Wars game and Dragon’s Lair at a pinball museum a while back. I’ll say Dragon’s Lair because it kept my interest for longer.

I love Mario Bros but I’m not a big fan of this format of the game.

Spy Hunter for the grooves music and vehicular combat

I have to vote Dragon's Lair since it has been ported to about everything, still looks good and made a game mechanic popular that has infiltrated many game genres. Dragon's Lair truly is timeless.

Spy hunter, Track and Field (broke my joystick) Load runner and Manic Miner (which I played as Jet Set Willy 2) were amazing. Yet Dragon's lair was out of this world when it came out, mesmerizing. It ran on Laserdisc so not surprising it couldn't be ported to home consoles at the time.

Had to go with Other, M.U.L.E. was a great game and a genre-defining one at that. One of the first game (if not the first one) where you had to handle an economy instead of fighting enemies, racing or being a sports or flight simulation.

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I am not complaining, I am just wondering how long this thread series will last.

Will it last until the 90's?

I vote Star Wars because I've played the PC version past level 99 and that's one of my most hardcore gaming achievements ever.

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

I am not complaining, I am just wondering how long this thread series will last.

Will it last until the 90's?

I plan to keep going until 2019 and Game of the Decade for the 2010's.  I may take a few breaks along the way if I get a little burned out or overworked, but I plan to cover every full decade of gaming.

EDIT: Also, I've been going by each game's earliest release date (if that hasn't been clear so far).  For example, Tetris will be in the 1985 thread.  There are a few "early 90's" games (according to some people) that will actually be voted on in the late 80's because of this.

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Mario Bros is the one I liked and played the most. Even though 83 had a ton of games released overall it was a pretty weak year for games. No wonder there was a video game crash in the US that year.

I voted for Dragons Lair before realizing you didn't include Bomberman.

Bomberman would get my vote.