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Forums - Website Topics - How Much Does VGChartz Generate in Revenue Monthly

Just wondering how much our lord and savior ioi makes off this site.

Mods plez don't lock

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No one but ioi knows lol

Dozens of dollars.

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This site makes money?


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gtotheunit91 said:

No one but ioi knows lol

I have a feeling the old guards like Machina or TruckOSaurus know and might actually be splitting the profits and buying condos in Dubai with it.

We need answers!! 

Nobody knows


Do we?


CGI-Quality said:

Nobody knows


Do we?

CGI, you've always been a guy to never shy away from being honest and straight forward no matter what

now spill the beans goddammit  

Nobody knows aside from Ioi.

Not enough to care about the site, apparently