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Forums - Sales Discussion - Horizon Forbidden West passes 8.4m in sales. Franchise Passes 32.7m

In the blog post for Guerilla's 20th anniversary they have posted updates on Horizon sales figures.

"As of April 16, 2023, the Horizon franchise has sold through more than 32.7 million units worldwide, of which Horizon Forbidden West has sold through over 8.4 million units."

- 8.4m for Horizon Forbidden West on PS4+PS5.

- 24.3m for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC+PS4 and Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR2 combined.

20 Years of Guerrilla: The Story of a PlayStation Studio – PlayStation.Blog

For comparison Zero Dawn sold around 7.6m in it's first year. So the sequel has sold a bit better in the same time period. I imagine the large majority of sales are on PS5.

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Great to hear. Literally just finished the main game two days ago for the first time, and absolutely loved it. I'm also now playing through Burning Sands. If it wasn't for Elden Ring, Forbidden West would probably be my new favourite open world game ever.

This series has never done much for me just very bland in almost every way, not bad but just instantly forgettable. But I'm glad that people seem to enjoy the series.

I'll play it when PS5 Pro comes out.

I knew it was over 10m but didn't know it was a 20m+ seller. Wow.






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Great results for HFW but I'm curious as to how it being on PlayStation Plus may impact its legs. Also, I'm pleasantly surprised by how well HZD is doing on PC.

wow... and thats without counting in Burning Shores!

JRPGfan said:

wow... and thats without counting in Burning Shores!

I mean it's add-on. Pretty sure no publishers would count the results of add-on materials on top of the main game to inflate the results.

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The series is, not the sequel alone

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Iveyboi said:

The series is, not the sequel alone

Who exactly are you replying to?

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