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Forums - Gaming Discussion - AAA TMNT action RPG in development at unnamed studio

gtotheunit91 said:
V-r0cK said:

I can totally see that! Except in this game it'll just be the one ninja

I bet the creators of the franchise will be excited to see a TMNT AAA game that harkens back to the Turtles much more darker beginnings! 

That's how I loved the TMNT when it was darker and grittier. They actually use their weapons. I also prefer them all having red bandanas.

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As long as Activision isnt funding/publishing the game, I'm fine with it and excited for this!

The meaningless I retain from those words of "AAA Action-RPG" ...

Like I should get excited but one of the best aspects of the TMNT are the dynamics between the bros so if this were to be kind of "solo" game, then this would also diminish my enjoyment of it prolly.

Also, if they gotta take inspiration from somewhere, I would more so hope to be from series like Bayonetta or DMC combat wise.

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