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Forums - Website Topics - VGChartz Official Game of the Year Awards 2022 - Results Thread

Hey everyone. We've begun posting the articles that announce the results of VGChartz's Official Game of the Year Awards.

Starting tomorrow, we'll be posting 2-3 a day until the winners (and runners-up) of all categories are revealed. I'll link to each one with a post in this thread (often with some interesting stats from the voting process) and also collect them together in this OP, so you can easily find them all.

This year's articles:


Q – How is the winner in each category determined?
A – By a mixture of community and staff voting, weighted 50/50. On the community side we used a Google Form that was posted in an article on the front page, a highlighted thread, and posted on our social media channels. On the staff side we vote individually on the staff forums. The average of the two determines both the final Shortlist of games to be featured in each award article and the Winners themselves.

Q - I didn't get chance to vote - is it too late?
A - I'm afraid so. Final voting opened on 22nd Dec and closed on 2nd Jan.

Q - Why did game xxxxx win Best Action/Adventure Game but not Best Action Game?
A - Games are only ever able to win (and be nominated for) one genre award, to prevent a single game sweeping half a dozen categories (yes, that used to happen in the early days).

Q - Why do you spoil the results on the front page with the banner?
A - The banner only really reveals that the game in question made the Shortlist; it's not a guarantee it won the award. On average the banner image will only feature the winner about 20-25% of the time.


Past VGChartz Overall Game of the Year Winners:

Metroid Dread

The Last of Us Part II

Resident Evil 2

God of War

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Rocket League

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Super Mario 3D World



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Mass Effect 2

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves



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We’re kicking things off with Best Shooter. No surprises here I don’t think – the winner obliterated the competition and achieved almost half of the entire vote, despite this being one of the genres with six finalists.

The more interesting battle was the one for runner-up, where the gap between the two in user voting was just 0.8% of the vote, although this widened to 6.4% following the staff vote.

From tomorrow onwards we’ll post 2-3 awards articles a day until we get to the Overall Game of the Year.

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Best Action Game of 2022. I was a little surprised by this one, although it was a clear two horse race. The winner received 35.83% of the combined vote and the runner-up received 31.63%.

Best Adventure Game of 2022

Like Best Shooter, the winner here more than doubled the runner-up in terms of vote share (42.47% to 20.85%). I was surprised by how far behind a certain very highly acclaimed title in this category was; it only managed 14.95% of the combined vote.

Tagging this thread so I don't miss any category.

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The VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2022! A big shoutout to the rest of the writing team for getting all of these written up. 

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Best Platformer of 2022

This was the single most one-sided result this year - the winner got almost two thirds of the final vote, which was significantly more than any other game in any other category this year.

Machina said:

Best Platformer of 2022

This was the single most one-sided result this year - the winner got almost two thirds of the final vote, which was significantly more than any other game in any other category this year.

Pretty funny that Kirby won best platformer so convincingly yet Sonic Frontiers made the second round of the GOTY vote which Kirby didn't. Guess those who liked Sonic just really liked Sonic.

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Best Action/Adventure Game of 2022

Even though the winner won by a clear margin (over a third of the vote compared to just under a quarter of the vote for the runner--up), this one wasn't as one-sided as I expected, with the top 4 all getting sizeable amounts of support.

Best Puzzle Game of 2022

This was one of the closest and most unpredictable categories, with some of the broadest support spread across multiple titles. 8 games made the final round of voting and 4 of those received over 14% of the combined vote. All of this meant that the winner only need 25% of the combined vote to claim gold.