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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Life is strange: true colors vs As dusk falls

KratosLives said:

I never came across a suicide scene.  Tell your wife to give true colors another chance.

My wife doesn't do second chances, she made that crystal clear before we got married!
She sorta watched along while I kept playing, double tv setup in the living room.

Anyway I'm kinda over these pick your path games as well. They are never as good as a well crafted single story. It was fun for a while starting with The Walking Dead on 360 but now it's too easy to spot the awkward twists and turns to save on content. I never really understood the point of these since it just leads to "What did you think of that section" "I never got that"... Nvm.

My wife has completionist OCD just like me, so leaving stuff open generally makes for a stressful game! Her biggest gripe with Syberia was that it crosses out secondary objectives if you accidentally move on too soon. So it turned into a lot of, should we go that way yet, maybe it will trigger the next scene. Let's go back and go over this section some more first with secondary objectives like 'find out more about'.

Here's what that completionist OCD does with me when I get into these choose your outcome games lol

Yet the average pick your path game is too long and too slow to explore all possible paths. Road 96 was good because all the character stories made the game. However the overarching narrative was just as awkward fitting choices back together into 3 outcomes. Good game though and shuffling the order of scenes and encounters around was pretty interesting, although leading to some badly fitting transitions.

The game we enjoyed most playing together (taking turns) was ICO. (apart from MORPGs) Maybe It Takes Two can scratch the itch :)
A co-op ICO game is what we need!