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Forums - Sales Discussion - Race to 100M: PlayStation 5 versus Xbox Platform


Who Wins?

PlayStation 5 38 67.86%
Xbox Platform 6 10.71%
Neither Will Reach 100M 12 21.43%
PotentHerbs said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Are you counting Xbox GP subscribers as two users?

Mar1217 said:

So the count isn't about the consoles but more so the whoever reaches the 100M subscriber milestone on respective platform ?

This is confusing, in that case neither because there's obviously overlapping to take into account.

If we are solely speaking of console sales then the PS5 will take the cake obviously. The Xbox is still too much of a non-factor in the international markets compared to Sony even with the massive push for the success of the Series S

Its a comparison of GamePass subscribers (IE. Microsoft reported 25M at the start of 2022) + Xbox Series X/S hardware sales, which represents the Xbox platform, versus PlayStation 5 hardware sales. 

Oh if you're counting total number of GP subscribers + Xbox Series hardware sales instead of the hardware plus GP subs on other platforms then there's no way PS5 gets there first since GP would only need to reach 40-50m subs in the next 4-5 years for the Xbox platform to get there first which should be a guarantee.

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You might as well have asked how many XS would have been sold when the PS5 reached 100 million units!

My prediction in 2023.

SW: 27m

PS5: 24m

XBS: 12m

Playstation 5 will hit 100 million units first, and Xbox will fall short of that but be close. Talking specifically gamepass on everything including pc, steam, upcoming streaming sticks Xbox will hit 100 million subscribers before playstation + Essential/Extra,Premium hits it, but neither will hit it this generation of consoles.

Neither platform is going to get to 100m+.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Neither platform is going to get to 100m+.

So 56m or less combined by year end 2023?

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maybe this is what you meant, and I would need to redo my poll selection - but you said Xbox series 1 consoles + Xbox GP subs, but shouldn't it be ultimateGP+PC-only-GP(+mobile only if it is added at some point) added to console sales for Xbox to show the true number of Xbox customers?

I guess we can never get a good enough answer on the breakdown of GP sub types given you can only really ask MS or a 3rd party they secretly tell to give you data (unlike console sales where any retailer is a source).