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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the most relaxing piece of video game music?

Would list some Ori ones but I always do anyways. This one is too overlooked.

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Noki Bay stage

Nah whatever I'm posting more.

This beauty from Biomutant which somehow didn't even make it to the soundtrack release (referring to the second song that plays at 2:47 in the video btw, in case the timestamp doesn't work):

Lowkey one of the best songs in the Splatoon series:

When I listen to this I just feel at home:

This masterpiece from Astral Chain isn't exactly relaxing in-context, but here I think it works:

The most underrated song from Breath of the Wild:

Think these are some good ones that don't get much attention. Could just post a couple dozen Hollow Knight or Ori songs, but I mean, people will do that already.

I make music, check it out here on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube!

I think the Traverse Town theme in Kingdom Hearts 1 is super relaxing. Especially in the shop next to the fire in the chimney.

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This music is relaxing. It gives me peace of mind

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